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Resurfacing of Past Sexism Claims Rock Bloomberg’s Bid

by Lame Duck Team

Michael Bloomberg arrived late to the Democratic presidential primary, a party stuffed full of candidates. To make up for lost time, Bloomberg has been spending unprecedented amounts of money on television and digital advertising totaling $120 million in the roughly three weeks since joining the race. Combined with his fellow billionaire Tom Steyer, they have spent nearly double the combined ad spending of every single candidate in the Democratic field.

The spending is having its effect. In recent polling, Bloomberg has slotted himself nicely into third place, tied with Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) but behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders (I-VT). His staggering wealth, enviable political network, and reputation for being a pragmatic moderate has made him a popular target among his rivals.

With a past life as a corporate executive, there are bound to be some skeletons to unearth at which the other candidates can take aim. Elizabeth Warren is now launching her attack at allegations of past sexism that occurred at Bloomberg’s company – Bloomberg L.P.

After ABC News reported on a series of lawsuits that accused Bloomberg of crude remarks and creating an uncomfortable work environment in the 1990s, Warren demanded that Bloomberg allow the women to speak. Each of the women are currently bound by non-disclosure agreements, restricting their ability to speak publicly.

“I think [nondisclosure agreements] are a way for people to hide bad things they’ve done. And I think that women should be able to speak,” Warren told reporters in Iowa during a campaign stop. “They need to be released from [nondisclosure agreements].”

In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandals, who used non-disclosure agreements aggressively, the public has little tolerance for the silencing of victims. Further, many activists within the Democratic party will have a hard time rallying behind a candidate with these types of allegations lingering.

But if Bloomberg is nominated as the party’s moderate choice, a strategy some believe will be most effective against Trump, he will face a President who has been accused of many indiscretions towards women. This may not be the battle the Democrats want to wage as they strongly believe Trump has betrayed the nation. Bloomberg has denied all accusations.

See What Major News Sources are Saying about this Below:

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, said that women who have signed nondisclosure agreements at the company run by Mike Bloomberg should be allowed to tell their stories.

Mike Bloomberg’s presidential campaign has been rocked by the resurfacing of historic claims that he made sexist and derogatory comments to women, including allegedly urging one to get an abortion. Bloomberg was accused in a past lawsuits.

Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former New York mayor who is poised to enter the presidential race, will likely be haunted by offensive comments he’s made in the past about women and the #MeToo movement against sexual misconduct. 

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