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Trump Plots His Revenge on Democrats

by Lame Duck Team
Trump Plots His Revenge on Democrats

When the Democratic Party outlined their belief that Donald Trump had betrayed the nation in a 658-page report and launched only the third impeachment of a President in U.S. history, the country knew it was in for a wild ride.


The impeachment process may be exhausting for the American people, but Donald Trump is a different breed all together. Far from being exhausted, he has almost seemed to thrive amid the chaos while the political parties duke it out in full tribal warfare.


Throughout the impeachment process, the Trump administration has been working to rack up as many policy wins as possible before the 2020 election to make the case to the American people that Republicans get things done. These policy wins feature a new NAFTA deal, the partial resolution of the trade war with China, and the launching a new branch of the Armed Services – the Space Force.


Meanwhile, the economic winds are currently in Trump’s sails as the economy has broken free of recessionary fears and the stock market smashes new record highs. Unfortunately for the Democrats, incumbent Presidents are rarely voted out of office when the economy continues to soar.


In ordinary times, all of this great news would seem like enough for a President to focus on the country and ignore the haters. BUT….Trump is certainly no ordinary person, no ordinary politician, and no ordinary President.


The speculation is now in full swing that the President is plotting his revenge against the Democrats for the impeachment. The Daily Beast has reported that in recent weeks:

“Trump has told confidants and administration officials that he wants Democratic leaders to somehow pay for what they’ve done to him, and he has revived his talk about wanting to sue liberal lawmakers such as Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, after the impeachment process in the House has concluded, according to two sources who’ve heard Trump discuss this over the past three weeks.”


As with many things Donald Trump says, you must take it all with a grain of salt. It is anyone’s guess as to whether he will move forward with his revenge. For many years, Trump has been known for his frivolous lawsuits and the fire-bomb hurling of wild legal threats.


What we do know that is that Trump has his weapons and so do the Democrats, who are raising big money and building major political networks.


As the election gets closer, 2020 is only set to get much wilder.



See What Major News Sources are Saying about this Below:

As he basked in the glow of the Republican voters and his devoted followers, he appeared determined to put on a happy face and serve up another buoyant, smirking performance. “I’m having a good time,” the president insisted. “I’m not worried.”

Barbara Res, former executive vice president at the Trump Organization, talks with Rachel Maddow about how Donald Trump is likely handling the fact of his impeachment.

While no crystal ball can truly foresee whether impeachment will help or hurt Trump in the 2020 presidential election, the House’s ultimate sanction may come to be seen simply as one more battle in America’s cold civil war.

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Elizabeth Ann Mckinney January 16, 2020 - 9:44 pm

I hope Trump takes them all to the cleaners,makes them look like the idiots they are.Then when he gets through doing that sue the hell out of each and everyone of them for slander !! We are behind you President Trump,good luck !!


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